Saturday, October 29, 2005

SEA Films; SEA in Paris

Bingo : in Paris "Be with me" is played at this very same cinema near Pompidou where they gave the Thaï film.
Natalie, Paris, France

> Objet : Re: Singapore and SEA movie
> Hello Natalie and friends
> Great. Where are they showing that in Paris? The last
> time I was there, they were showing "Iron Ladies" the
> Thai movie on drag queens playing valleyball at the
> cinema near Pompidu. Probably more Thi movies showed
> in France like Tropical Malady. Late last year I also
> watch another briliant Thai "Citizen Dog". Early this
> year I watched an Indonesian movie similar to Citizen
> Dog called "Banyu Biru"(helly was the publicist for
> that). In KL thi year too I watch few more Indo Films
> like "Unggu Violet" "Tentang Cinta". Perhaps Malaysian
> better movie would be "sepet" shown in Cannes about
> young teenage girl fell in love with young chinese boy
> in a small town in Malaysia.
> Jim, I have great meeting with Jin Xiang and an audio
> docu film director and two poets in Shanghai during my
> ICAS conference.
> Jean Pascal. my god have not seen you for a long time.
> How's India? I just got my DR and will start looking
> for job again, anywhere in the world. But now enjoying
> making contemporary dance in malaysia as well as
> writing for internet arts magazine (,
> also teaching part time for Arts Management at local
> uni.
> Azizah, any new film in Jakarta.
> Next year I am organiing Asia Documentary Film Forum
> in KL. Please send me something if you have anything.
> Hppy Eid
> Zul

> > Dear All,
> > Just to tell you I have seen an excellent
> > Singaporian film:
> > "Be with me" from Eric Khoo.
> > Nothing to do with the Marlin, Raffles and other
> > glittering symbols.
Natalie Guignabaudet
Paris France