Monday, January 14, 2008

"Journey" at Jim Thompson Art Centre's William Warren Library, Bangkok Thailand

Due to the demise of H.R.H Princess Kalayani, the sister of His Majesty the King of Thailand and 15 days mourning period, the talk and performance were combined on the same day, on 11th Jan 2008, starting at 4pm till 6pm. The Textile Talk was focused on The Culture of the Malay World, as part of the exhibition - Southeast Asian Textiles: Weaving Paradise, curated by Linda McIntosh for Jim Thompson Art Centre. The talk and performance taken place in the William Warren Library. The event was divided into two parts - the talk and the performance.

In the talk, some 25 pieces of textiles from the Malay World (Peninsula Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo and Mindanao) were displayed. Zulkifli also demonstrated the different ways of tying up the textiles for man and for woman from different parts of the archipelago.