Saturday, August 06, 2005

Malaysian TV

I had a diffcult time last nite when I had to be with Ahli Fiqir at RTM 1, Live, Zoom In at 9pm (doing little sketch for their song Ambilla Ambillah, with Nani, Wan & Mac from Uitm and little Mira of Tunas Budaya, oh! catch Mira and Tunas Budaya at Istana Budaya 11-14 August 2005, "Chini") and wanting to watch our docu on artistic and scientific expedition to Pulau Tiga Sabah showing over Majalah 3 TV3 at the same time. What about AF3? Would have love to watch that, at least the final, but too bad, I cant do all and cant tape all the programmes. Did you watch any?

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Jemey said...

I guess thats why they call it entertainment i.e. its for entertainers, not necessarily for singers.

The total amount of prizes Mawi won (+-RM300K) pales in comparison to the revenue that he brings to ASTRO through SMS (RM12M).

I look for those who could really sing (suara buluh perindu), those whom you could appreciate their voices, without the accompanying instruments. People like Jamal Abdillah, Sanisah Huri, the late A. Ramlie and Rafeah Buang etc.