Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rhetoric-Retorika: Fringe Festival in KL '08

Hello friends
This is an early notice of the Retorika. By the way, this is a small festival that will take place over three weekends at DBP Old Building, Jl.Dewan Bahasa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

11-13 July - Performances(Monologue, dance & installation) - 5 newly written works (Hamzah
Tahir, Shahrul Fitri, Arif Waran, Zulkifli Mohamad, Francis Tanglao Aguas) at Stor Teater,
Old DBP Bldg. Curated by Dr.Z.Mohamad

Early(8PM) & Late(10PM) Performance Installation at Galeri Keris Mas,
Old DBP Bldg.

18-20 July - Rare Watch Film Showing(Malaysian- Indonesian Films).
Curated by Norman Yousoff at Dewan Budaya Syed Nasir.

18-27 July - Visual Arts Exhibition - Group Exhibition at Legar Budaya Syed Nasir
19 July at 3PM. Opening of Visual Arts Exhibition.

26 July - 3-5PM, Arts Blog Forum, Curated by Mohd.Fadli Al Akitti at Dewan Budaya Syed

8-10PM Band Gig, Curated by Fathullah at Dewan Budaya Syed Nasir