Sunday, May 03, 2009

Spanish Flamenco in KL?

The show was on Saturday night, Jaime and me arrived at 8 just before the big show started. Carmen and Celia(yellow) went earlier for the workshop. The April Festival (Spanish Flamenco) is now a yearly festival in Singapore, the same place, Chimes, right infront of Raffles Place, load of restaurants with fountain in the sunken courtyard. In the afternoon , they had flamenco workshop for people. I decided not to attend as I already have special lesson from Carmen and Jaime the night before, more personal. There were presentations of different flamenco groups from Singapore - Singaporean, Japanese as well as other nationalities living in Singapore. Flamenco Asia also started doing flamenco stage management and production last year and this year in Singapore, separate from their usual flamenco's april festival. And I am sure we have enough flamenco, ballroom and latin dancers who are interested to learn and also watch Flamenco performance in Kuala Lumpur. In fact people already started doing performances in KL including the performers for F1-Style recently. Perhaps next year would be great timing for them to perform in KL or perhaps to also invite them as part of Kuala Lumpur Fringe Festival in October 2009.