Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

My Japanese friend asked me to take him to Putra Jaya this morning to watch the Independence Parade. I said that he could watch on tv, all channels will be showing. Then he said I am not true Malaysian. hem.....interesting. I sticked that BP ball with little Malaysian flag on it and I have Malaysian flag sapu tangan in my car, ready for any event. And I am sure I cant beat other people. Last last after midnite I went to buy nasi lemak in Pantai Dalam stall and saw whole crowd just came back from the Merdeka Celebration and this one old man wearing Malaysian flag from head to toe, reminded me of Late Sudirman except this old man was really old. Made me thinking, I wish would not be like that when I am old. Yesterday I commented to a friend-guru-brother of mine that the celebration is more like product placement and event for many companies in Malaysia. Well, that's our Malaysian soil is coming to be. I told my Japanese friend that the event at Putra Jaya is for policians and their voters. However, I still felt about it and remember that I used to watch the parade on tv every year when I was small. Announcer Mahadhir Lokman was good, the kids were so honest about their performance and seeing the King and Queen doing the things made me realised that we are a peaceful country and we hace a lot more to do towards 2020 civil society, the level of arts performance etc. The whole nite of concerts made me sleeping in my living room and straight to Merdeka Parade. After I watch Hotel Rwanda and criend and cried. This is the the kind of film that they should show on tv on Merdeka day. We have too much of singing concerts, cooking programmes and make over even on Merdeka day. It made me think "What have we done to help our Muslim Brothers and Sister across the Thai border? They are still killing our own people, Malay, Muslim?"

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