Friday, February 16, 2007

My Best Friend's Wedding in Jakarta

Thank god I survived Big Flood in Jakarta. My Best Friend's (Jaime and Imelda) wedding went very well at Melia Hotel, official ceremony at 4 and dinner receiption at 7. We danced Flamenco till 2AM. The following nite, Jaime and Imelda gave us special dinner, for those who came from abroad, me, Jaime's mother and his nephew and old friend from New York. Helly Minarti from Jakarta, my pair at the wedding, the Gang, also present! Another round of Menado food, yummy!

Another adventure in Jakarta was attending the rehearsal of Calonarang dance drama by Bulan Djelantik and Retno Maruti, to be presented at Esplanade in Singapore. Unfortunately, I have to miss the show in Singapore. I wrote a story on it in Kosmo 3 February. Pictures and article later.


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