Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cerita Monyet-Monyet (Story of Monkeys) in UM

At last we staged the Story of Monkeys on 26th November 2007, after few months of theory classes, basic idea and movements and intensive rehearsals during ramadhan and after raya. As for Bengkel Wayang Kulit with students coming from various faculties in University of Malaya, never perform anything on stage and first year of drama department, I am very pround of them. I happy with the design department too, having designing the tanglung. But unfortunately they were not able to perform the tanglungs due to circumstances. Though I must say that I perceived better images coming from the staging in our little forest, in the dark night, I am happy to be the first to present a theatrical work in this beautiful white structure used to be called Gazebo(hahaha gazebo is something else altogether that people put in the garden. This is actually an open theatre structure with no theatre facilities. But what to do, we have got our space as our experimental theatre is forever under construction for how many years already (something fishy is happening there and no one seems to know about it, what a pitty?? ), that's was a very good space and presented many important works of many important artists in Malaysia. As a perfomer, I was presented there in Suasana's Seri Rama Siti Dewi, playing the role of Muddy Water as well as Jin Aprit in 1987. The same role that I later performed in Tokyo International Theatre Festival in 1990, Singapore Arts Festival 1990, California Tour in 1988 and 6 cities in Japan. In fact that was the work that took me to performing in dance and theatre. I am glad that this work is the first and certainly the beginning of theatre, dance, design and music careers, but I hope this is not the last for them. (More pictures coming your way)


Rai said...

Apa dia?pernah jadi jin aprit?

Hua hua hua!Hehehe!

(Tapi kalau dapat buat kat hutan tu memang cantiklah...)

Didihime said...

Beberapa orang kawan saya datang tengok hari tu.... Lepas abis show tu... Saya ada tanya pendapat diorang... Antaranya:

"Best tapi awat sat sangat?"
"Bising la bunyi kereta tadi."
"Korang memang tak pakai mikrofon ek?"
"Kalau malam mesti best. Sejuk n senyap sikit."
"Ni cerita apa?" (Jenis blur tapi taknak beli booklet dengan saya lepas tu tanya saya... Salah sape tu?)
"Comelnya beruk putih tu."

Ada lagi komen2 lain tapi yang ni skit je la yang saya ingat. Hehe...

zubin said...

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