Monday, March 22, 2010

Doa at ANNEX's Caesar Chong Memorial

Annex, Kok Man and Kuan Nam who actually asked if anyone would like to perform for Caesar Chong Memorial at ANNEX Central Market. I quickly said I would like to contribute a small a small performance. Then I decided to choose Kenang Daku Dalam Doamu, by M.Bakri, an old song from the 60s, later performed again by Sharifah Aini. Though I like M.Bakri's version very much, I like to give a different feel to it and managed to get Asmidar Ahmad, Music (Vocal) BA student at ASWARA to agree to sing without music. I tot her rendition was wonderful it managed to caprure the emotion and my feeling at the time. After she finished the song, she came in crying and thanking me for giving her the opportunity to sing and to provide her such emotion in the dance. To me, I feel that were in the situation, feeling sad over the departure of a dear friend, a very talented artist, dancer(butoh dancer with Nyoba Dance). Few days later Dr.Wong Ai Min asked me, do you know him? Have you worked with him? which I thought was a very funy question. Frankly, I have watched him perform since he started dancing with Nyoba. In fact, even before I started KL Fringe Festival, we have talked about making work together, and I asked him again to perform for KL Fringe 2009 but he was not able to do it. But like Pang said at the beginning of the memorial, he has inspired many people with his arts and isn't that what it's all about, giving inspiration to others. Caesar, you have given us beautiful and inspiring memory. God Bless You

Sadly, I was not able to meet up with people attended the affairs as I have to leave for the closing of KL Fringe Film at Menara DBP at 10.30PM.

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