Sunday, July 27, 2008

More New Works After KL Fringe, Fringe Fever!!!

One of those things that made me happy about KL Fringe is the endless discussion after stage showing at the Stor Teater. I remember one nite we have a group of 10 people talking about making new plays then we continue the discussion on series of smses. Then they, a group of 5 people decided to do short plays, since then we have got three meeting, talking about their stories, plots, characters and titles, many interesting titles. They would like to write, direct, act and so on. As for me I would be happy just to listen and perhaps make some notes and remind things in the future. For now we have 5 titles:
1. I am Officially Malay-Muslim
2. Cha Dodo, Minah Soget DLL
3. Monolog Sibisu dan Simedia
4. Mohamad dan Lahab
5. MSG
6. Raja Lawak Terpinggir

More later.........

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