Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bapaku Seorang Astronault

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My Father The Astronaut

I never saw him much
— My father the astronaut
He mostly came home late
(When a mission had been forced to abort).

I regaled them at school with tales of space
— Starring, of course, my father, the astronaut.
Passing furtive notes of his adventures
(Until, in Maths class, I got caught).

In the playground I would boast
Of my father, the astronaut.
Hobbling home on bloody knees
(From the doubting fourth years I had fought).

I still don’t see him much
— My father, the astronaut.
He won’t be out for three-to-five
(Said the newspaper report).



kamal sabran said...

bro lu ade facebook tak, gua nak add you la :)

*bapa ku seorang petani

zubin said...

facebook - Zubin Mohamad la